Accepted Papers

  • Antonio Nehme, Vitor Jesus, Khaled Mahbub and Ali Abdallah. Fine-Grained Access Control for Microservices
  • Thang Bui, Scott Stoller and Jiajie Li. Mining Relationship-Based Access Control Policies from Incomplete and Noisy Data
  • Xavier Bultel, Radu Ciucanu, Matthieu Giraud, Pascal Lafourcade and Lihua Ye. Secure Joins with MapReduce
  • Erick Eduardo Bernal Martinez, Bella Oh, Feng Li and Xiao Luo. Evading Deep Neural Network and Random Forest Classifiers by Generating Adversarial Samples
  • Sebanjila K. Bukasa, Ludovic Claudepierre, Ronan Lashermes and Jean-Louis Lanet. When fault injection collides with hardware complexity
  • Onur Duman and Amr Youssef. Fault Analysis of the New Ukrainian Hash Function Standard: Kupyna
  • Tobias Hamann and Heiko Mantel. Decentralized Dynamic Security Enforcement for Mobile Applications with CliSeAuDroid
  • Hibiki Ono and Yoshifumi Manabe. Card-based Cryptographic Protocols with the Minimum Number of Cards Using Private Operations
  • Léopold Ouairy, Hélène Le Bouder and Jean-Louis Lanet. Protection of systems against fuzzing attacks
  • Luigi Logrippo and Stambouli Abdelouadoud. Configuring data flows in the Internet of Things for secrecy and privacy requirements
  • David Bissessar, Maryam Hezaveh, Fayzah Alshammari and Carlisle Adams. Mobile Travel Credentials
  • Vignesh Pagadala and Indrakshi Ray. Achieving Mobile-Health Privacy using Attribute-Based Access Control
  • Aniss Chohra, Mourad Debbabi and Paria Shirani. Daedalus: Network Anomaly Detection on IDS Stream Logs
  • Giovanni Di Crescenzo. Cryptographic Formula Obfuscation
  • Yuri Gil Dantas, Tobias Hamann and Heiko Mantel. A Comparative Study across Static and Dynamic Side-Channel Countermeasures
  • Suryadipta Majumdar, Taous Madi, Yosr Jarraya, Makan Pourzandi, Lingyu Wang and Mourad Debbabi. Cloud Security Auditing: Major Approaches and Existing Challenges
  • Tahir Ahmad and Silvio Ranise. Validating Requirements of Access Control for Cloud-Edge IoT Solutions (Short Paper)
  • Mariana Segovia, Ana Rosa Cavalli, Nora Cuppens and Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro. A Study on Mitigation Techniques for SCADA-driven Cyber-Physical Systems (Short Paper)
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